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Resources for Program Providers

DCYF funds over 450 programs for children, youth, and families in every San Francisco neighborhood. We want our grantees - and every community-based organization that serves children, youth, and families in the City - to have access to the best training, tools, and resources.

We highly encourage all San Francisco nonprofits to also visit the San Francisco Controller's Office's Resources for Nonprofits page, which includes a wealth of information about operating a nonprofit organization in the City.

We want this page to be a dynamic, evolving resource, and we want to know what would be most useful to you. Please send questions, comments, or recommendations to info@dcyf.org.

All items in bold are either produced or sponsored by DCYF.

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Training, Technical Assistance, and Capacity Building

Curriculum Development Tools

Program Assessment Tools

Fundraising Information, Data, and Ideas

Rebates and Technical Assistance for Capital Improvement and Environmental Projects for Nonprofits

  • GoSolarSF is a City program helping residents and businesses install thousands of kilowatts of solar energy on residential, business and nonprofit rooftops across San Francisco, reducing participants’ electricity bills and shrinking the City’s carbon footprint.
  • CleanPowerSF is San Francisco’s Community Choice Aggregation program, a State program that allows cities and counties to partner with their investor-owned utility (PG&E in San Francisco) to deliver cleaner energy to residents and businesses. Under these programs, PG&E continues to maintain the power grid, respond to outages and send you your monthly bill, but you can sign up to purchase cleaner and greener energy through CleanPowerSF.
  • San Francisco Environment: Commercial and Multifamily Properties Energy Efficiency - San Francisco’s Department of the Environment helps businesses and CBO’s save money and use energy more efficiently, by offering incentives, financing, technical assistance and educational resources.
  • San Francisco Environment: Zero Waste - San Francisco’s Department of the Environment can provide technical assistance to reduce the amount of your waste going to landfill and help save money.
  • San Francisco Water, Power, Sewer - The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission provides tips and offers rebates to help you conserve water.

Support for Families 

Other Resources

Note: While every effort has been made to include only high-quality resources, DCYF does not supervise all of these organizations and does not guarantee the quality of the information or services they provide.  

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