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F$P Resources

The Financial System Project (F$P) is a Citywide initiative to implement a new enterprise financial and procurement system that will launch on July 3, 2017. DCYF will participate in certain F$P functions, which will affect how DCYF does business with grantees. We understand that change is often difficult, but the City is investing heavily to ensure continuity in order to phase out the City’s out-of-date systems.

Important Instructions and Information for DCYF Grantees

1. Activate your F$P account and provide one primary contact from your agency. 
Starting on July 3
, you must activate your account and update your contact information in order to receive electronic payments through direct deposit. Your organization will receive paper check payments until your account is activated. 

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2. Key Deadlines and Dates 
In order to facilitate the transition of financial data from the City’s current financial system to the new system, the City’s FY16-17 year-end close deadlines will be different than in years past. We recognize that this may require you to change your year-end billing process. The Controller’s Office respectfully requests your cooperation to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

What Does This Mean

  • Effective June 27, City departments will be unable to process any transactions in the old financial system. After this date, no vendor payments can be made, nor will the Controller’s Office be able to issue paper checks. This time period when the old system is out of service, and the new system is not yet live, we are referring to as a blackout period.
  • We anticipate being able to process payments in the new financial system shortly after the July 4th holiday. However, payments may take longer than normal due to staff becoming familiar with the new system and the backlog of payment requests from the blackout period.
  • To prevent a delay in payment for FY16-17 services, all invoices for services provided through May 2017 should be submitted to DCYF by June 16, 2017 if at all possible. As long as invoices have no significant issues, this will give DCYF time to complete internal processing and make payments before the blackout begins.
  • Invoices for FY16-17 services not submitted by June 16, 2017 will be processed no earlier than July 5, 2017 in the new financial system. You will still be paid, but you should be aware that there may be a significant, unavoidable delay in payment processing.
  • After June 16, 2017, you can continue to submit FY16-17 invoices to DCYF in CMS. You will be able to submit invoices during the blackout period, but any invoices received after June 16, 2017 will not be paid until after July 5, 2017.
  • DCYF will require that you submit one invoice starting in mid-July for services provided in the month of June. All invoices for June services must be submitted by August 15, 2017.

What You Can Do to Prepare

  • We encourage you to submit invoices for services through May 2017 in a timely manner, while still following the guidance set in your individual contract(s). Please submit invoices for services provided through May 2017 prior to June 16, 2017.
  • You should be prepared to submit your final June invoice or final adjustment to the June invoice by August 15, 2017.

Click Here to Read the Official Memo from the SF Controller's Office to Non-Profit Partners About the Transition.

3. Watch a F$P Vendor Informational Session Recording. 
This session will provide information on how to activate your account and learn about the system change.

4. Participate in Voluntary Online Trainings.
These optional online trainings will help you understand the different functionalities of the new system.

What Will Stay the Same for DCYF Grantees? 
DCYF grantees will continue to use our current Contract Management System (CMS) run by Cityspan for workplan management, submitting invoices, and recording programmatic activities. DCYF’s grantees will not be moving onto F$P for these key functions.

What Will Change for DCYF Grantees? 
Grantees will have an F$P account with a single point in contact for each agency. This contact person will be able to enter the agency’s banking information to receive payments via direct deposit.

Starting FY17-18, DCYF intends to use the new system to create, sign and track contracts. This means that grantees would electronically sign documents, and update insurance and compliance documents through the new system. DCYF will make sure to provide more information and training for these functions as soon as they are confirmed.

Grantees who do business with other City Departments may be using additional F$P functionalities and may receive different information on the new system. For example, some other departments will conduct RFPs and receive electronic invoices from their contractors through F$P, while DCYF will be using CMS for these functions for the indefinite future for our work with Community Based Organizations.

Information and FAQs to Citywide System Changes 
Please keep in mind that DCYF will use certain functionalities of the new system. Grantees may receive different information on the new system if grantees do business with multiple City Departments. See the links below to learn about the citywide system changes.

Who Should I Contact for Any Questions? 
Please reach out to your program specialist with any questions. They can help navigate and connect you to the appropriate person to answer your questions. You can also do the following:



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