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DCYF Contact List

DCYF Staff

 Name   Phone  Title  E-Mail

 Aumijo Gomes

 554-3511  Director of Programs and Planning
 Bonnie Ma          554-6732 Administrative Coordinator, Contracts & Compliance
 Brandon Shou   557-9942  Fiscal Manager
 Brett Conner  554-8427  Grants Manager
 Bryant Tan  557-6727  Senior Youth Services Analyst
 Debbie Tisdale      554-8440  Senior Program Specialist
 Deedra Jackson  554-9329  Senior Program Specialist
 Eddy Lee  554-8956  Senior Program Specialist
 Emily Davis        554-8991  Executive Assistant, Administrator
 Emily Fox              934-4841  Data & Evaluation Analyst
 George Suncin  437-6174  Senior Program Specialist
 Glenn Eagleson  554-8791  Senior Youth Services Analyst
 Greg Rojas  554-8962  Senior Contracts & Compliance Specialist
 Heather Tufts  554-8958  Senior Program Specialist
 Jasmine Dawson  554-8482  Older Youth Programs & Planning Manager
 Jasmin Serim      934-4837  Senior Program Specialist
 Jennie Kyauk  557-6728  Accountant
 Joanna Rosales      554-8961  Program Specialist
 Joanne Wan  554-8421  Senior Payroll & Personnel Administrator
 Kana Ramirez         554-3546  Accountant

 Kimberly Cox  554-3513  Administrative Coordinator
 Lamont Snaer      554-8957  Youth Services Analyst
 Laura Moye  437-4653  Deputy Director
 Leo Chyi      554-8959  Chief Financial Officer
 Lina Morales  554-8430  Senior Program Specialist
 Maria Su      554-3547  Executive Director
 Megan Caygill-Wallach    554-8415  Project & Process Manager

 Michelle Kim  934-4838  Nutrition Coordinator 
 Mike King  554-3510  Contracts & Compliance Specialist
 Monica Flores  554-8418  Administrative Coordinator
 Prishni Murillo  934-4840  Senior Program Specialist
 Rafael Cabreja      554-8446  Database & Network Administrator, Administrator
 Roxane Caires  554-8425  Data & Evaluation Coordinator
Sally Jenkins-Stevens  554-8424  Senior Program Specialist
Sarah Duffy  554-8416  Data & Evaluation Manager
 Sergio Manrique  934-4844  City Hall Fellow
 Shawn Ewing      554-8776  IT Manager
 Sherrice Dorsey-Smith  934-4842  Interim Younger Youth Programs & Planning Manager
 Stacey Blankenbaker  554-3517  Senior Youth Services Analyst
 Thomas Lindman  554-8433  Senior Data & Evaluation Analyst
 Walter Abrazaldo    554-8960  Senior Data & Evaluation Analyst
 Walter Martinez     487-2845  Senior Fiscal Analyst
 Xavier Morales      554-9519  Data & Evaluation Analyst

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