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Technical Assistance and Capacity Building



Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
DCYF is committed to improving program quality and driving better outcomes for program participants, and understands that we must invest in the professional development of staff who administer and deliver programs. We strive to meet the various needs of the field including front-line staff, program administrators, and non-profit executives at all levels of experience.

Our professional development opportunities for staff fall into the following categories: 
    1. Training Workshops 
Other Professional Development

We are currently updating our coaching request form, please check again in the near future.

DCYF University

***DCYF has extended the application process for the Youth Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy Specialization for Emerging Youth Leaders (16-21 year olds). Applications are due on Friday, July 27, 2018, 5PM.  Please complete the registration form and submit to teodora@dcyf.org. 

DCYF embraces a holistic approach to Technical Assistance and Capacity Building by designing a multilevel system for training and support. We aim to build a stronger field of youth workers to increase the skills and abilities needed to implement high quality youth development programming and improve the quality of services that are available to SF communities.

In Fall 2017, DCYF launched DCYF University which provides a more intentionally focused effort that takes individuals, programs and agencies to the next level. Participants will complete core courses, prerequisites and specialization courses. Specializations offered in Fall 2018 include Youth Development Best Practices with a training of the trainer focus; Youth Development Best Practices with a Trauma Informed Focus; Youth Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy; Fiscal and Administration Management; Career Development; and Executive Leadership. Upon completion of the all requirements, participants are able to receive credit through either San Francisco State University’s Department of Ethnic Studies and/or Extended Learning Program or another certified program. All participants who satisfy specialization requirements receive a certificate of completion.

  • Youth Development Best Practices | The Youth Development Best Practices is designed to increase the knowledge, understanding and capacity of a program participants. Participants will be to be able to effectively train their staff around youth development best practices and gain practical tools to support implementation. The Youth Development Best Practices Specialization has two focuses. The Youth Development Trauma Informed focus is designed to increase the knowledge and understanding around Trauma Informed Care and to help transform staff to operate from a Trauma informed lens. The Youth Development- General focus is designed to increase the knowledge, understanding and capacity of a program to be able to effectively train their staff around youth development best practices and principles.Participants in this Specialization will be able to obtain a Youth Development Certification and 3 units from San Francisco State University (SFSU), participants must demonstrate mastery by completing a capstone project.
  • Youth Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy | The Youth Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy Specialization is a cohort based program for 1) Aspiring youth leaders who have demonstrated their readiness and desire to deepen their leadership work. 2) Adult staff focused on delivering programs focused on youth leadership and empowerment. Both groups will participate in separate 8 month long cohorts that will converge at the end and participate in a 2-day gathering where they will come together and share what they’ve learned.
  • Facilitating Career Development Institute (FCDI)  | The Facilitating Career Development Institute (FCDI) Specialization is designed for professionals with at least 6 months of direct service experience, at any level of services delivery (direct service, coordination/management, executive). FCDI professionals will gain the skills and knowledge to assist others in planning careers and obtaining meaningful work. The program is a blended learning platform, which includes a minimum of 120 class/project hours and a student manual. To obtain the certification participations must pass each chapter quiz with a 70% or higher to demonstrate mastery and complete a capstone group project. Participants in this specialization will receive a Facilitating Career Development Certification from the National Career Development Association.
  • Executive Leadership | The Executive Specialization is designed for Executive Directors with at least 3 years leading a non-profit organization. The program consists of monthly day-long, subject-relevant workshops, customized professional coaching, individualized study trips, retreats, and peer-to-peer learning and coaching. Each month, participants will meet to engage with a curriculum of specific, relevant and transformative leadership and management topics.
  • Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professionals (CNAP) Course | CNAP is the only nationally recognized certification program for nonprofit accounting professionals. CNAP is a 3-full day workshop series and is designed to provide a deep dive into the technical areas of nonprofit financial management.

DCYF University's open application for FY18-19 Grantees is live, registration ends Friday, June 22, 2018, 5PM. Click here to register today. 


Calendar of Upcoming Training Workshops 
Click on each workshop title for a description of workshops and locations. Registrations for workshops will not be open until a month before the training begins, so please return if you are interested in a training that is farther out. This calendar is also subject to change so check back regularly for updates.




























































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