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Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Community Grants RFP

Comm Grants RFP

DCYF is pleased to release the results of the 2017-2018 Community Grants RFP.

Visit this link to access a spreadsheet with a list of the results.

 Programs highlighted in the document were awarded grants through the Community Grants process.

Each year at the beginning of the new fiscal year in July, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors releases a list of budget amendments, commonly known as "addbacks." These are funds that each Supervisor allocates to various City departments for programs in their respective districts.

Some Supervisors choose to allocate funds to projects selected by their constituents through a process known as Participatory Budgeting. This is a public process for San Francisco residents to recommend and vote on how some public funds are budgeted. Residents of participating districts who are 16 years old and older have the opportunity to develop, propose, and vote on one-time services or projects.

This year, and in all following years, DCYF will be conducting an open and transparent RFP process for the budget amendments that we receive both through the addback process as well as Participatory Budgeting. This competitive process is utilized throughout the City for the allocation of public funds. We look forward to your creative ideas to help provide equitable and holistic services to the community.

The 2017-18 Community Grants RFP contains awards for 19 individual programs. Details of each award are available in the RFP document.

Click Here to Access the 2017-18 Community Grants RFP Document 

General RFP Questions and Answers

The documents below include the individual RFP documents for each district that was included in the RFP.

District 1

District 5

District 9

District 10

District 11 


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